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below. It is preferable to place servingdishes and lids on the side of the racksin order to avoid blocking the rotationof the top spray arm. Pots, servingbowls, etc, must always be placed topdown. Deep pots should be slanted toallow water flow. The bottom rack features fold down tine rows so thatlarger or more pots and pans can beloaded.1)Oval Platter2) DinnerPlates3) Soup Plates4)Dessert Dishes5)Silverware Basket SILVERWAREBASKET Silverware should be placed in the silverware basket with handles at the bottom: If the rack has side baskets,the spoon should be loaded individually in the appropriate slots. Long utensils should be placed in the horizontal position at the front of the upper rack. 1) Forks2)Soup Spoons3)Dessert Spoons4)Teaspoons5)Knife6) Serving Spoon7)Gravy Ladle8)Serving Fork WARNING: Do not let any itemextend beyond the bottom of the basket. 5OPERATINGINSTRUCTIONS (cont’d) TURNINGONTHEAPPLIANCE Starting a wash cycle. . .1) Make sure that the plug for the appliance is inserted into the wall socket.2)Make sure that the water supply is turned on to full pressure.3)Load the dishwasher (see "Loading Dishwasher Racks"on previous page).4) Pour in the detergent (see "Detergent Dispenser" on page 3).5)Turn the dial located on the right of the control panel in the clockwise direction until the number or thesymbol for the cycle setting is aligned with the reference mark (see "Wash Cycles" on page 2).6)Press the ON/ OFF button, and the ON/OFF light will turn on. At this point, the wash cycle will begin. Cancelling orModifying a Wash Cycle Setting...Acycle that is underway can only be modified if it has only been running for a short time. Otherwise, thedetergent may have already been released, and the appliance may have already drained the wash water. If th...

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