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3 Fill the salt container with 1 litre of water (only the first opera- tion). 4 Fill the salt container with 1,5-2,0 kg of salt. Use the salt fun- nel supplied. 5 Make sure that there is no grain of salt out- er of the salt com- partment. 6 It is normal that water overflows from the salt container when you fill it with salt. Use of rinse aid Caution! Only use branded rinse aid for dishwashers. Do these steps to fill the rinse aid dispenser: 12 34 Caution! Do not fill the rinse aid dispenser with other products (e.g. dishwasher cleaning agent, liquid detergent). There is a risk of damage to the appliance. ENGLISH 11Adjusting the dosage of rinse aid The rinse aid dial is set at the factory at position 4. To increase or de- crease the dosage refer to 'What to do if...' Loading cutlery and dishes Helpful hints and tips Caution! Only use the appliance for household utensils that are applicable for dishwashers. Do not use the appliance to clean objects that can absorb water (sponges, household cloths, etc.). •Before you load cutlery and dishes, do these steps: –Remove all food remainings and debris. –Make burnt, remaining food in pans soft. •While you load cutlery and dishes, do these steps: –Load hollow items (e.g. cups, glasses and pans) with the opening down. –Make sure that water does not collect in the container or in a deep base. –Make sure that cutlery and dishes do not lie inside one another. –Make sure that cutlery and dishes do not cover other cutlery and dishes. –Make sure that glasses do not touch other glasses. –Put small objects in the cutlery basket. •Plastic items and pans with non-stick coat- ings can keep water droplets. Plastic items do not dry as well as porcelain and steel items. •Put li...

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