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Notice Thetford N100

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« d S.A.R.L. Boîte Postale 40204 95614 Cergy Pontoise Cedex France Tél. : +33(0)1 30375823 Fax : +33(0)1 30379767 Courriel : Thetford B.V. Representative Office Scandinavia Brodalsvägen 7 S-433 38 Partille Sverige Tel.: +46(0)31-3363580 Fax: +46(0)31-448570 E-mail: Mercè Grau Solà Agente para España y Portugal C/Llibertat, 103-105 baixos 08800 Vilanova i la Geltrú Barcelona, España Tel.: +34 93 815 4389 Fax: +34 93 815 6106 E-mail: Thetford Australia Pty. Ltd. Post Office Box 1332 Epping, VIC 3076 Australia Tel: +61 (0)3 9358 0700 Fax: +61 (0)3 9357 7060 E-mail: Tecma s.r.l. Via Flaminia Loc. Castel delle Formiche 05030 Otricoli (TR) Italia Tel.: +39 (0)744-709071 Fax: +39 (0)744-719833 E-mail: -Instruction manual6 -Manuel de l’utilisateur19 -Instruktionsbok37 -Manual de instrucciones24 -Brugsanvisning45 -Bedienungsanleitung14 -Gebruiksaanwijzing10 -Manuale d’istruzione33 -Manual de instruções28 -Bruksanvisning41 -Käyttöohje49 -Priroc?nik z navodili za uporabo53 UK FR SE ES DK DE NL IT PT NO FI SI 626839/007 8714_C.qxd 14-05-2007 08:44 Page 1 9Welcome! Congratulations on purchasing your Thetford refrigerator! You have made an excellent choice. The refrigerator is user-friendly, has the very latest features, uses little power and works silently. It gives you all the convenience of home during your holiday or short break. Enjoy using your new refrigerator! If you have any questions, our Customer Service department will be happy to assist you during office hours. For the address of your local Thetford office, please see the back of this manual. COPYRIGHT © 2006 Thetford B.V. All rights reserved. Changes, printing, setting and translation mistakes excepted. Date: September 2007 - 5- 0723_BW.qxd 28-08-2007 09:52 Pagina 50 FOREWORD 1 INTRODUCTION This user’s manual is for all N80, N90, N97, N98, N100, N104, N109, N112, N115, N145, N150, N175 and N180 models of Thetford absorption refrigerators. It explains how to use your refrigerator correctly and safely. Read the manual carefully before using the refrigerator for the first time to obtain a quick overview of how to operate and use the refrigerator. Thetford absorption refrigerators are specially designed to store fresh and frozen food and make ice cubes in caravans and campers. The control panel allows you to select the preferred energy source and cooling level. Different energy sources allow you to use your refrigerator under different conditions. There are numbers in the text that refer to illustrations. These illustrations are printed in a fold-out at the beginning of this manual. Thetford absorption refrigerators belong to category C11: gas appliances that must be installed so that the combustion area is isolated from the living space. To find out more about how your absorption refrigerator works, visit our website at 2 PRECAUTIONS AND SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 2.1 Alerts The following alerts are used in this user’s manual: Warning!“Warning” alerts the user to the danger of damage to the product or to the user if the user fails to carry out the described procedures carefully. Non-observance of the procedures may result in serious injury to the user or damage to the product. Caution!“Caution” alerts the user to the possibility of damage to the product if the user fails to carr... »

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