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Notice BUSHNELL Télémètre Laser 1500

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BUSHNELL Télémètre Laser 1500

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« EKER®1500 delivers superb and accurate range performance to +/- one yard. The PINSEEKER®1500 features Selective Targeting™ Modes, Superb Optical Quality, 100% Waterproof Construction, and Bushnell’s RainGuard® coating. HOW OUR DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY WORKS The PINSEEKER®1500 emits invisible, eye safe, infrared energy pulses. The PINSEEKER®1500’s Advanced Digital microprocessor and ASIC chip (Application-Speci?c Integrated Circuit) results in instantaneous and accurate readings every time. Sophisticated digital technology instantaneously calculates distances by measuring the time it takes for each pulse to travel from the range?nder, to the target, and back. RANGING ACCURACY The ranging accuracy of the PINSEEKER®1500 is plus or minus one yard / meter under most circumstances. The maximum range of the instrument depends on the re?ectivity of the target. The maximum distance for most objects is 1000 yards / 914 meters while for highly re?ective objects the maximum is 1500 yards / 1373 meters. Note: You will get both longer and shorter maximum distances depending on the re?ective properties of the particular target and the environmental conditions at the time the distance of an object is being measured. The color, surface ?nish, size and shape of the target all affect re?ectivity and range. The brighter the color, the longer the range. Red is highly re?ective, for example, and allows longer ranges than the color black, which is the least re?ective color. A shiny ?nish provides more range than a dull one. A small target is more dif?cult to range than a larger target. The angle to the target also has an effect. Shooting to a target at a 90 degree angle (where the target surface is perpendicular to the ?ight path of the emitted energy pulses) provides good range while a steep angle on the other hand, provides limited ranging. In addition, lighting conditions (e.g. the amount of sunlight) will affect 3 +/-2 Diopter Adjustment In-View Display Mode Button Rubber Armored & 100% Waterproof Construction Power Tripod Mount Twist-Up Eyepiece with RainGuard® Objective and Laser Transmit Battery CompartmentLaser Receiver Lens with Rainguard® Coatingthe ranging capabilities of the unit. The less light (e.g. overcast skies) the farther the unit’s maximum range will be. Conversely, very sunny days will decrease the unit’s maximum range. GETTING STARTED INSERTING THE BATTERY Lift the ?ap near , then pull the ?ap to remove the battery door. Insert one 9-volt alkaline battery into the slot as indicated, then close the battery door. The battery slot was designed to only accept the battery in the correct position. Therefore, if you are not able to close the batter door, check to ensure that the battery has been installed correctly. NOTE: Use only high quality alkaline batteries. Do not use heavy duty or lithium batteries. It is recommended that the battery be replaced at least once every 12 months. Low Battery Indicator: If the Y (Yards) or M (Meters) indicator blinks continuously, the battery charge is getting low and the 9-volt alkaline battery should be replaced. ADJUSTING THE EYEPIECE Your PINSEEKER®1500 is constructed with a twist-up eyepiece designed for comfort and to exclude extraneous light. For users without eyeglasses, rotate the eyecup counter clockwise while 4 pulling up until it locks into the fully “up” position. The PINSEEKER®1500 provides ex... »

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