Notice ECLER XPA 3000

Notice ECLER XPA 3000

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« All numbers subject to variation due to production tolerances. ECLER S.A. reserves the right to make changes or improvements in manufacturing or design which may affect specifications. 4 1. IMPORTANT NOTE Congratulations! You are the owner of a carefully designed and manufactured equipment. We thank you for trusting on us and choosing our amplifier XPA. In order to obtain maximum operativity and perfect functioning order, it is most important to carefully read all considerations taken into account in this manual before connecting this amplifier. We recommend our authorised Technical Services if any maintenance task should be needed so that optimum operation shall be achieved. 1.1. Precautions The XPA11000/7000/5000/3000 amplifiers have a power consumption of 1230, 775, 675 and 575 VA (at 1/8 of maximum power output, as specified by regulation EN 55103-1). We recommend a 2.5mm2 (or bigger) wire cross-section and a magnetothermic circuit breaker that can handle at least 10A@230VAC for XPA3000/5000,15A@230VAC for XPA7000 and 25A for XPA11000) (These values are for one amplifier). The amplifier should have an earth connection in good conditions (earth resistance, Rg=30O or less). The environment must be dry and dustless. Do not expose the unit to rain or water splashes, and do not place liquid containers or incandescent objects like candles on top of the unit. Do not obstruct the ventilation shafts with any kind of material. In case there is some type of intervention and/or connection-disconnection of the amplifier, it is most important to previously disconnect the mains power supply. Do not manipulate the output terminals to the loudspeakers when the amplifier is switched on, there are voltages up to 400Vpp. The output cabling should be connected by a qualified technician. Otherwise only use pre-made flexible cables. There are no user or serviceable parts inside the amplifier. 2. INTRODUCTION High efficiency mosfet amplifier. Ecler XPA Power amplifier series offers the renowned professional reliability of all Ecler amplifiers at an affordable price. The line consists of four models with power outputs of 300, 500, 700 and 1100 W per channel at 4O. All models employ mosfet amplification technology, are 2 rack units high and are based on a robust chassis with aluminium front panel. Thanks to their oversized power supply, these amplifiers can operate comfortably with 4O and even 2O loads. They feature balanced input connections via XLR3 and 1/4’’ Jacks. The outputs offer total versatility thanks to secure connection posts with standardized separation and Speakon® sockets. An electronic limiting system for avoiding signal overloads and a switchable subsonic filter are also on board. 2.1. Main features: - Highly effective progressive cooling system. Air flow rises as a function of amplifier temperature. “Back to Front” cooling system takes air from the rear and throws it out at the front panel. - Easily accessible input attenuation controls on the front panel may be locked with Ecler exclusive system. - Indicators for Signal Present (SP), Clipping (CLIP) and activation of protection circuits (PROT) - Effective protection systems against short-circuit, excessive temperature due to accidental blocking of air flow or other circumstances, DC at the output… to protect the amplifier and loudspeakers.... »

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