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Notice SONY SCD-XB940

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Manuel/Notice/Mode d'emploi | 447 K | Français
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« T MARKING is located on the rear exterior. The following caution label is located inside the unit.3GB GB Features Playback of the Super Audio CD recorded in the DSD format The DSD (Direct Stream Digital) format is the core technology of a Super Audio CD, allowing music reproduction that is extremely faithful to the original sound. The DSD format, using a 2.8224 MHz sampling frequency 64 times higher than that of a conventional CD, and the 1- bit quantization, makes possible recording of more than four times the data information of the PCM format which is used for a conventional CD. Different from the PCM format which performs data decimation and interpolation via digital filters, the DSD format adopts the simple playback process. In other words, the A/D converted 1-bit digital signal only passes through an analog low-pass filter before playback. As a whole, the DSD format achieves both a wide frequency range of, theoretically, over 100 kHz, and a wide dynamic range across the audible frequency range resulting in high-quality music reproduction faithful to the original sound. To play back a Super Audio CD recorded in the DSD format with exceptional quality, the SCD-XB940 employs a newly developed DSD decoder and a D/A converter system, as well as a chassis and loading mechanism especially designed for this unit. Playback of a conventional CD with higher quality The SCD-XB940 can also play back a conventional CD with higher quality than a conventional CD player. To provide enhanced quality, the SCD-XB940 employs various advanced technologies. For example, a 24-bit precision variable coefficient (V.C.) digital filter is provided for CD playback (see page 18). By selecting one of five filters which have different cutoff characteristics, you can adjust the tone quality in accordance with the music source or your audio system. Others •A Super Audio CD can mark up to 255 track/index numbers. This feature applies to SCD-XB940. •The supplied remote is capable of controlling either the SCD-XB940 and a conventional Sony CD player. TABLE OF CONTENTS Getting Started4 Before You Start the Hookup4 Hooking Up the Audio Components5 Location and Functions of Parts6 Front Panel Parts Descriptions6 Rear Panel Parts Descriptions8 Remote Parts Descriptions9 Playing Discs10 Compatible Disc Types10 Playing a Disc11 Using the Display12 Locating a Specific Track 14 Locating a Particular Point in a Track15 Playing Tracks Repeatedly16 Playing Tracks in Random Order (Shuffle Play)17 Creating Your Own Programme (Programme Play)17 Listening to a CD Using a Filter (Digital Filter Function)18 Additional Information20 Precautions20 Notes on Discs21 Troubleshooting22 Specifications22 Index234GB Getting Started This chapter provides information on the supplied accessories and how to connect various audio components to the Super Audio CD player. Be sure to read this chapter thoroughly before you actually connect anything to the player. Before You Start the Hookup Checking the supplied accessories This player comes with the following items: •Audio connecting cord (phono jack × 2 y phono jack × 2) (1) •Remote commander (remote) RM-SX90 (1) •R06 (size-AA) batteries (2) Inserting batteries into the remote Insert two R06 (size-AA) batteries into the battery compartment with the + and – correctly oriented to the markings. When using the remote, point it at the remote sensor on... »

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