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« The stand may collapse and be damaged and/or the speaker may fall and cause injury. •When moving the speaker and stand, first remove the speaker from the stand, and then move the stand, holding it by the stems. •Place the stand on a stable, level surface; placing the stand on an unstable surface can be dangerous. •Pioneer assumes no liability whatsoever for damages resulting from assembly, improper mounting, insufficient reinforcement, misuse of the product, acts of nature, etc. Names of Parts Attaching speakers to the stands A medium Phillips screwdriver is required for attaching the speakers. Assembly with the S-4EX speaker system If you are using the S-4EX speaker system, note that there is a fastening nut provided on the speaker base (see below). When installing spikes on speaker Use only spikes supplied with S-4EX. 1Set spikes into three locations on bottom of speaker. Consult the S-4EX operating instructions for additional instructions. 2Apply the furnished cork plates on the three locations on the speaker support. 3Rest the speaker gently on the speaker support while aligning the spikes with the cork plates on the top of the speaker support, then fix in placing using the washers, spring washers, and screws (bind head M5 x L55). Speaker support Stand stems Stand base Screw holes for securing speaker Non-skid cork pads Speakersupport Cork plates [SEC2255] 55 mm Black Speaker base Speaker support Screw holes for securing speaker Fastening nut Washer [SBE6006] Spring washer [SBE6005]Screws (Bind head, M5 x L55) [SBA1307] Cork plates 2 ??? 2008?7?24? ??? ??12?50?3 En English When mounting spikes on speaker stand Use only spikes, spike bases, and auxiliary feet provided with the S-4EX. 1Install spikes in three locations on the bottom of the stand base plate, then install the two auxiliary feet to prevent rocking. 2Place spike bases on the floor in the position where the spikes will rest. 3Rotate the spikes to adjust the height, then rotate the spike nuts counterclockwise to lock the height of the spike. 4Rest the speaker stand on the spike bases and check to confirm the stand is stable without any rocking. 5Rotate the auxiliary feet to adjust height. Adjust the height so that about 1 mm to 2 mm of space remains open between the feet and the installation surface. 6Rotate the nuts counterclockwise to lock the height. 7Rest the speaker on the top of the stand and use washers, spring washers and screws (bind head M5 x L55) to fasten the speaker securely to the stand. •When installing spikes, lay the speaker stands on their sides on a soft blanket or surface to prevent scaring. •Set the spike bases with the concave side upward to receive the spike as shown below. •When the spikes are used alone without spike bases, scratches may be cuased to the floor or other installation surface. Always use the spike bases when using spikes. Other Information Stand maintenance •Use a polishing cloth or dry cloth to wipe off dust and dirt. •If the stand is very dirty, use a soft cloth dipped in some neutral cleanser diluted five or six times with water. Finally, wipe again using a dry cloth. Do not use furniture wax or cleaners. •Never use thinners, benzine, insecticide sprays and other chemicals on or near the stand, since these will corrode the surfaces. Specifications External dimensions. . . . . . . 360 (W)... »

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