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Verbatim Store 'n' Go 4 Go ''Pour LUI'' - Clé USB 2.0 4 Go - Certifié Windows VISTA - système de protection: Capuchon pivotant - Logiciel de protection par mot de passe et de synchronisation Carry It Easy et Lecture de revues - Garantie 2 ans.

Besoin d'aide pour l'utilisation de votre VERBATIM Store 'n' Go ? Le groupe d'entraide VERBATIM Store 'n' Go vous donne des conseils d'utilisation, solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, fonctionnement et assistance pour votre Clé USB. Rejoignez notre groupe d'entraide Store 'n' Go qui compte 205 membre(s). L'inscription GRATUITE vous donne accès à différents services pour votre Clé USB : accès à la notice Store 'n' Go et mode d'emploi pdf VERBATIM Store 'n' Go, manuel d'utilisation en français, 2 avis consommateur et 3 discussion(s) de forum actif comprenant 6 participant(s), guide de l'utilisateur, photos, vidéos et SAV entre consommateurs.

VERBATIM Store 'n' Go

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« may now use Store ‘n’ Go just like any other drive to store, copy, move, or delete files. Note: It is recommended to copy the V-Safe 100 manual and program files from the removable drive to your desktop for future reference. You may delete these files from the drive if desired to maximize storage space. These files can also be downloaded from or www. To Remove Store ‘n’ Go: Left click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the system tray at the bottom right hand side. Click on the device you wish to remove. When the "Safe to Remove Hardware" screen appears, you can now safely remove Store ‘n’ Go. If you receive a message indicating the device cannot be removed right now, please close any file or application that may be open on the device and try again. Windows 98 SE users: There is no "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on the system tray. Simply confirm the LED Status indicator is flashing slowly before removing device or right click on drive in explorer and select eject. A rapidly blinking LED indicates that the device is being accessed. Note: Removing your Store ‘n’ Go while the LED status indicator is blinking rapidly may cause data to be corrupted or lost. Getting Started for Mac OS 9.0 or higher systems: Store ‘n’ Go will automatically be recognized by your system. Insert the drive and click on the "Untitled" drive icon. To Remove Store ‘n’ Go: Drag the Store ‘n’ Go icon to the recycling bin, then remove Store ‘n’ Go after confirming that the LED indicator is flashing slowly or off. Getting Started for Linux Kernel Version 2.6.x or higher: Your Store ‘n’ Go will be automatically recognized upon insertion. Tested on Red Hat, Suse and Turbo Linux versions. Using V-Safe 100 Security Application (Windows 98SE, 2000, XP Operating Systems only): V-Safe 100 Security Application enables you to setup a password to secure sensitive data from unauthorized access. The V-Safe 100 Security Application has been pre-loaded on your Store ‘n’ Go for your convenience. Locate the "V-Safe 100.exe" file on the drive and double click it to launch. Follow the on-screen prompts to set up your password, password hint and select the size of your privacy zone. Note: Formatting or resizing the privacy zone on your Store ‘n’ Go will erase all data. Copy any files you do not wish to erase to another drive before formatting or resizing the privacy partition.Enter your password to access the privacy zone. To logout, double click the "Logout Privacy Zone" icon placed on your Store ‘n’ Go. To login again, double click the V-Safe icon placed on your Store ‘n’ Go. Please retain your password in a secure area for safe keeping. A detailed user guide has been stored on your Store ‘n’ Go or can be downloaded from or ENGLISH 2LED Status Indicator: Store ‘n’ Go’s LED status indicator provides the following information: LED Flashing Slowly: Device connected and ready for use. LED Blinking: Device in use. (Data is being accessed or transferred.) Note:Do not remove the device while the LED is blinking, as data may be corrupted or lost. LED Off: Device is in low power suspended mode Carrying Store ‘n’ Go: You can put Store ‘n’ Go in your pocket, purse, on your key ring or attach it to the carry lanyard. Avoid temperature extremes, shock, and moisture. If your Store ‘n’ Go is accidentally exposed to water, allow it to dry thoroughly before using. Keep the protectiv... »

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