Notice GEAR4 PG295

Notice GEAR4 PG295

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« irectives. The Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EECThe EMC Directive 89/336/EEC as amended by 91/263/EEC, 92/31/EEC, 93/97/EEC. The product has been tested and assessed by application of the followingstandards or speci? cations. Together with all relevant National TechnicalStandards and Speci? cations as applicable. Standard Year DescriptionBS EN 60950: 2001 Information Technology Equipment. Safety RequirementsEN 300 328 : 2006 Electromagnetic Compatibility V1.7.1 RFEN 301 489-17 2002-08 Electromagnetic Compatibility V1.2.1 EMC Issued in :High Wycombe, Bucks, United Kingdom Date: 5th January 2008Authorised Representative : T Old SignaturePosition : DirectorContents PAGE English 2 Français 7 Deutsch 12 Español 17 Italiano 22 Português 27 Nederlands 32 Suomi 372 User Manual Thank you for buying the GEAR4 AlarmDock Alarm clock with FM radio and iPod dock Please ensure you take a few minutes to read this user manual fully before use and retain it for future reference What’s in the box • AlarmDock • 3.5mm audio cable • User Manual • AC power cable • USB cable • 6 iPod dock adapters – touch – 2G nano – 3G nano – photo 40Gb/60Gb – classic 80Gb/video 30Gb – classic 160Gb/video 60Gb/80Gb Product Features • 12/24 hour alarm clock • Wake up to your music, the radio or alarm buzzer • FM radio • Snooze and sleep button with 5 and 10 minute intervals • Built in battery back up for alarm clock • Line in port for use with other music players Getting started To set up your AlarmDock, please follow these steps: • Remove the yellow sticky label from the base • Plug the AC power cable into the back of the unit and then into the mains supply • Select and insert the correct dock adapter for your iPod • Press POWER to activate the speaker • Hold POWER for two seconds to turn off (standby) Made for iPod touch, iPod classic, iPod, iPod nano, iPod mini3 ABCDEF GHIJ AlarmDock controls A UNIVERSAL DOCK B POWER/MODE C SET D q VOL - / SCROLL DOWN / FREQUENCY E p VOL + / SCROLL UP / FREQUENCY F SNOOZE/SLEEP G USB PORT H AUX IN I DC IN J FM RADIO ANTENNA English4 Mode To select the mode: • Press POWER intermittently to scroll through the different modes (iPod, FM, Aux) For use with iPod • Ensure the speaker is switched on • Carefully insert your iPod into the dock • Press play on the iPod • Press p and q to adjust the volume NB: The volume control on the iPod itself will not work To sync your iPod • Ensure the speaker is in standby mode • Connect the AlarmDock to your computer via USB • Carefully insert your iPod into the dock • Your iPod will automatically sync with the computer, allowing you to sync with iTunes NB: The AlarmDock will charge the iPod when connected via USB. The AlarmDock itself will not be powered by USB For use with other audio devices • Connect your music source to the AlarmDock by plugging the 3.5mm cable into the AUX IN port • Press POWER to scroll to AUX mode • Select the track and press play on your music source For use as a FM radio • Press POWER to scroll to FM mode • To change the frequency, press and hold the SET button. With the button held down, hold p or q to scan the frequencies or tap to ?ne tune Screen display When in use, the AlarmDock display will be at its brightest level. You can alter the brightness of the screen when in s... »

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