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do the existing cables have? Vehicles without car radio Are loudspeakers and power cables installed in your car? Are standard ISO connectors or car-specific adapters used? What cross-section do the existing cables have? What does an standard ISO connector look like? Take a look at the cables in the delivery. Both cables are equipped with standard ISO connectors. The pinning of standard ISO connectors may differ according to auto manufacturer. While installing and mounting this equipment, you must disconnect the negative terminal of the battery. You must also comply with all safety instructions given by the auto manufacturer (airbag, alarm system, board computer, vehicle immobilizer). • Connecting the power supply Connection to standard ISO adapter installed in your car You must not connect your Helsinki car radio to an existing 8-pin +/- ISO connector in your car. Always use the adapter cable. Our warranty shall be vain if the connection is made inadequately. To prevent inadequate electrical connection in vehicles equipped with ISO connectors, use the universal ISO adapter cable (P/N 7 607 621 126) for constant power connection, negative connection, the positive connection via the ignition, illumination and +12 V switching output for external components such as a power antenna. At present, the following vehicles with standard ISO connectors can be adapted using the universal ISO adapter cable: Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Fiat, Honda, Lancia, Mercedes, Peugeot, Porsche, Renault, Skoda. Attention! For all other car models with standard ISO connector use the car-specific adapter cable. Make sure that the existing car radio terminal in the your car is protected by a 10 A fuse (see Fig. 5). Power supply to vehicle-specific connectors If the exi...

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