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ration and settings can vary. Troubleshooting Guide If you suspect your Creative HS-1200 Digital Wireless Gaming Headset is not working as expected, perform the following trouble-shooting steps before having your headset serviced. For more information, see the “Customer Support” page on Headset cannot power on • Verify that headset is charged. If this is the ?rst time you are using this headset, please charge for 2.5 hours, prior to use. Please charge your headset for minimum 6 hours if using it for the ?rst time. Note: Your HS-1200 headset is rechargeable even while in use. • Press the power up/down button on the earcup control to activate your headset. Headset is powered on, but no audio • Check if the LED indicator shows steady blue. If the indicator is blinking, it means this headset needs to be paired with the USB Transceiver. To pair your headset, power off ?rst. Then press and hold power up/down button for >5 seconds. Simultaneously, press the pairing button on the USB transceiver. When the LED indicator shows steady blue, your headset is paired. • Check if the USB transceiver is plugged directly into any available USB port. Some BUS- Powered USB Hubs may not have enough power to support this device. Disconnect your USB Hub and plug the USB transceiver directly into the PC. Alternatively, you may use a USB Hub with external power source. • Use another USB port on your PC *. • Under control panel (PC*), ensure the correct audio device is selected. Choose (Settings > Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices) under Sound playback, select Creative HS-1200 Headset Sound recording, select Creative HS-1200 Headset Restart the PC Application. * Supports Windows XP® S...

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