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tteries have a very high short circuit current: connection errors could cause electric arcs resulting in serious burns. 9. TROUBLE SHOOTING Should the UPS fail to function correctly we recommend you perform the following tests before calling the Hot Line. PROBLEM POSSIBLE CAUSE SOLUTIONS No LED display on front panel. Low battery. Charge battery for up to 8 hours. Faulty battery. Replace with the same type of battery. UPS is not turned on. Press the power switch again to turn on the UPS. In the event of power failure, backup time is shortened. UPS overload. Remove some non-critical load. Battery voltage is too low. Charge battery up to 8 hours. Battery defect due to high temperature operating environment, or improper use of battery. Replace with the same type of battery. Mains normal but the unit is on battery mode (LED is flashing) Fuse is broken. Replace Fuse Loose power cord. Connect the power cord properly. INFOSEC UPS SYSTEM - 4, rue de la Rigotière - 44700 Orvault - FRANCE - Hot Line – Tel + 33 (0)2 40 76 15 82 - Fax + 33 (0)2 40 94 29 51 - – 12 10 AA 59 204 07 8 10. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Z3 Zenergy Box 500 Z3 Zenergy Box 700 Z3 Zenergy Box 1000 TECHNOLOGY Technology High Frequency (microprocessor-controlled) Power 500 VA 700 VA 1000 VA Output form Modified Sine wave Protection Discharge / overcharge / over-voltage / Short circuit + phone/ADSL line protection Power factor 0.5 0.5 0.5 PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS Dimensions HxWxD (mm) 200 x 230 x 92.5 Weight kg 2.5 3.1 3.4 Output connectors 3 backup time outlets (FR) + 3 surge protected outlets (FR) + USB port + RJ45 4 backup time outlets (FR) + 4 surg...

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