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Notice d’utilisation de votre JVC KD-NX5000E. La notice vous renseigne sur l’utilisation, donne des solutions aux problèmes d’entretien, de fonctionnement et d’assistance pour votre KD-NX5000E.

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ion operations, ? [18]. For radio operations, ? [51]. For disc/HDD operations, ? [59]. For Bluetooth operations, ? [83]. For other sources, ? [79]. KDNX5000_E_en_rev.indb 10KDNX5000_E_en_rev.indb 1030/3/07 2:01:21 pm30/3/07 2:01:21 pm11Basic operations To change the display of AV screens Vehicle information AV screen 2 * The number and contents of AV screens depend on the source. ** Appears only when you have selected Video or Camera for Video Input setting (? [94]). AV screen 1Video input (? [82]) How to change the control panel angle [Hold] Caution: Do not insert your finger behind the control panel. Tilt 1Tilt 2Tilt 3Tilt 4 Map screenAV screen To switch between the map screen and AV screen You can always switch between the AV screen and the map screen. This switching does not affect the playback sound of the unit (except while recording an Audio CD) or the guidance function of the Navigation System. FM1 Classics Station name 92.5 MHz Current time The built-in clock is automatically adjusted by receiving the GPS signals. AV screen Distance to the next turn/Turn icon (While not guided: Speed/ Direction) (? [35]) KDNX5000_E_en_rev.indb 11KDNX5000_E_en_rev.indb 1130/3/07 2:01:21 pm30/3/07 2:01:21 pm12 ENGLISH Menu operations Map screenAV screen To call up a menu AV Menu ? [90]Destination Menu ? [42] Information Menu ? [42] Setup Menu ? [43] Destination 1/2 Home Return Address POI Previous Information 1/2 Current Position TMC Turns List Trip Destination Setup 1/2 Guidance Voice Guidance Options Route Options Map Colour Map Options AV Menu 1/2 Setup EQ Sound Screen Control Aspect To navigate through menus Press: Select a menu item Hold: Skip to the first menu item on th...

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