Notice Tritton Pro Plus 5.1

Notice Tritton Pro Plus 5.1

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« p Padding Removable, Flexible Microphone Connecting the Microphone[4][5] In-line Controller 1 2 3 4 1 Master Volume: Use to adjust the master volume of game audio. Press in to mute the volume of the game audio. 2 Sound Field Buttons: To adjust the volume of each channel individually, ?rst press one of the “Individual Sound Field Switches” and then adjust the Master Volume. The color will change based upon the volume level (Green > Blue > White > Cyan > Red). Repeat this for all sound ?elds you wish to adjust. To adjust Master Volume after this, you must wait 3 seconds for all the channels to illuminate. To reset the volume of all channels to the same level, simply adjust the Master Volume level all the way to the lowest level, then turn it back up again. 3 Mic Mute: Slide the mic mute switch down to mute the microphone so others cannot hear you. 4 Voice Communication Volume and SVM Control: Use to adjust the volume of the voices of other players when connected to the Pro+ Decoder Box (not included) as a secondary headset. SVM = Selectable Voice Monitoring. SVM allows the user to hear his or her own voice through the headset. Push in to turn SVM ON/OFF. In-line Controller[6][7] PC/Mac Plug the USB connector into an available USB port. Connect the Pink, Orange, Black, and Green 3.5mm connectors to the PC/Mac soundcard. Connect PC Adapter to end of headset cable. ACB PC/Mac PARTS NEEDED FROM PACKAGE CONTENTS (REFERENCE PAGE 2) 1 23[8][9] Pro+ Decoder Box The Pro+ PC Headset can be connected as a secondary headset to the Pro+ Decoder Box (not included) for use with the Xbox 360 and PS3.ACBJ Pro+ Decoder Box PARTS NEEDED FROM PACKAGE CONTENTS (REFERENCE PAGE 2) NOT INCLUDED 1[10][11] WARRANTY 2-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY Mad Catz warrants this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the warranty period. This non-transferable, two- (2) year limited warranty is only to you, the ?rst end-user purchaser. If a defect covered by this warranty occurs AND you provide proof of purchase, Mad Catz, at its option, will repair or replace the product at no charge. The Mad Catz two- (2) year limited warranty is available to North American and European customers. Your sole and exclusive remedy is repair or replacement of your Mad Catz product. In no event shall Mad Catz liability exceed the original purchase price of the product. This warranty does not apply to: (a) normal wear and tear or abusive use; (b) industrial, professional or commercial use; (c) if the product has been tampered with or modi?ed. NORTH AMERICA AND EUROPE To receive warranty service, you must: Obtain a Return Authorization Number from Mad Catz Technical Support via ONE of the following methods: a. Submit a Ticket at b. Call the Mad Catz Tech Support Center nearest you: North America: 1-800-659-2287 (USA) or 1-619-683-2815 (outside USA) United Kingdom: 08450 508418 Europe (outside UK): +44(0) 1633 883110 France: 01 82 88 01 80 Germany: 089-21094818 Spain: 93 181 63 94 Once you have your unique Return Authorization Number, do the following: 1. Ship the product to Mad Catz at your expense for service. 2. Enclose a copy of the original sales receipt showing a purchase date. 3. Enclose a full return address with daytime and evening phone numbers. TECHNICAL SUPPORT Online Support: North American... »

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