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2 years. •In the unlikely event of breakdown, please take it back to the place of purchase, with your till receipt and a copy of this guarantee. •The rights and benefits under this guarantee are additional to your statutory rights which are not affected by this guarantee. • Holmes Products Europe undertakes within the specific period, to repair or replace free of charge, any part of the appliance found to be defective provided that: •We are promptly informed of the defect. •The appliance has not been altered in any way or subjected to misuse or repair by a person other than a person authorised by Holmes Products Europe. • No rights are given under this guarantee to a person acquiring the appliance second hand or for commercial or communal uses. • Any repaired or replaced appliance will be guaranteed on these terms for the remaining portion of the guarantee. THIS PRODUCT IS MANUFACTURED TO COMPLY WITH THE E.E.C.DIRECTIVES 73/23/EEC, 89/336/EEC AND 98/37/EEC. Waste electrical products should not be disposed of with Household waste.Please recycle where facilities exist.Check on the following website for further recycling and WEEE information: or e-mail 4 DESCRIPTIONS: A.Heizlüftergehäuse B.Gewindestück C.2-teilige Sockelstange D.Basis E.Sicherungsmutter F.Stromkabel G.Fernbedienungssensor H.Betriebskontrollleuchte I.Modustaste J.Oszillatortaste K.Temperaturregler-/Zeitgebereinstelltasten + (nach oben) - (nach unten) L.Zeitgebertaste MONTAGEANLEITUNG (SIEHE ABB.1,2) Wenn Sie das Gerät mit Sockelstange einsetzenmöchten, beginnen Sie mit Schritt 1. Schritt1 – Drehen Sie das Heizlüftergehäuse (A)um und legen Sie es auf einen festen, ebenen Untergrund. Schritt2 – Sc...

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